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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Welly Socks

Now that the Autumn rains have come flooding in this pattern is well overdue! You could knock a pair out for yourself in a weekend, but I think they would also make a great Xmas present for the men in your life.
From September to May I seem to live in Wellies and I've found that these socks have a really practical purpose. Rather than slopping around in my boots these liners help my Wellingtons fit more snugly. Rubber can get very cold in winter but my feet now stay warm. I used to hate the way my trousers ballooned around the top of my boots but now they stay neatly tucked in.
I was intending to sell this pattern in my Etsy shop but I realised that it fits so perfectly into my blog. Not only am I encouraging you to expand your crochet skills but I've given you lots of information to customise your work. Because I was going to sell the pattern it's much longer than you've come to expect from me. I just want to make sure you have all the information you need. If you're printing it off you may not need every page.
I can never make a pattern exactly as it's written, so I don't expect you to either! Although I've only given you three sizes I've made sure you can easily adjust the sizing. There is also a clear diagram giving you as much information as possible.
I've used an unusual linking stitch for the body of the sock. There are step by step photos showing you exactly how to make it. It produces a very stretchy, yet sturdy fabric. More importantly the inside of the sock is smooth and comfortable against the skin. The cuff is made with front and back post crochet rib. Of course there are links to the tutorials on this blog!
I chose to use Scheepjes River Washed, a cotton-acrylic yarn which is sport weight. Use any light weight DK or sport weight yarn that takes your fancy. As I've just written a post entitled Plastic Free Vegan Yarn I should encourage you to try a linen yarn. The prototype socks that I've been wearing were indeed made with linen and it's great for wicking away moisture.
Here's me and Shadow putting my linen socks to good use! (It's really an excuse to show you my gorgeous little boy. This is just after we'd rescued him in spring. He's put on alot more weight and hair since and is now even more adorable!)

Any how! If you fancy giving the pattern a go click here for the free PDF download.
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